A club is about the people. It is about people that share an interest and support the individuals in within this community.
Diving in a group with dive buddies, doesn't only make this sport safer it also makes it more enjoyable, and also affordable.
In the early days the divers in the club would share their ideas and develop new gear that wasn't available to buy or way too expensive.
Nowadays we still share costs for dive trips and can help eachother out when gear fails at the dive site. But most importantly we can share the amazing experiences we have with our friends.

Find some stories of club members about what sparked their interest in the underwater world and how Wellington Underwater Club provided the right setting for their activities.

Night Dive in Taupo
by Bob Reynolds (1970)

Easter Coromandel Trip, 1999, written by Peter MacIntyre, Martin Powell and Robin McPhee

My association with the "WUC" began early in the 1960s.

'A Day in the Life of Joe Tomlin'
by Michael Ryland

Bob Reynolds remembers 'The Great Night Adventure'

A Trip Down Memory Lane with Michael Ryland.

'A most embarrassing moment'
by Michael Ryland

Eddie Davidson was a member of the club for just over 10 years (from around 1955/56 to 1967).
written by Robin.

Geoff Henry, a member of Wellington Underwwater Club since 1956, telling his story. written by Robin.

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