Seaweed – A cornerstone of life

Far from being the obnoxious, unwanted plants the poorly chosen name suggests, the “weeds” of the sea play an essential role in our ecosystems. Seaweeds are marine macroalgae that live attached to rock and other structures in coastal areas. They are one of the foundations of New Zealand’s abundant underwater life and contribute a great deal to the wellbeing of us landlubbers as well.

Gardens and Forests of the Sea

Wellington Underwater Club and local mural artist Tam Kogler have teamed up to showcase the
significance of seaweed and celebrate Wellington’s marine life with the installation of a
seaweed mural at the Whairepo Lagoon.

Oxygen Producer Galore

Did you know that marine algae produce more than 70% of the oxygen we breath and that you can actually observe it while diving?

As part of the Club's #LoveSeaweed campaign we have secured funding to run a free community snorkel event on 17th March at Kau Bay, 10am to 3pm with Mountains to Sea Wellington.

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