Maritime archaeology is a rapidly growing interest for WUC members.  Club members have long been involved in diving wrecks around New Zealand, but Wellington’s rich maritime history and the scores of shipwrecks on the approaches to or in Wellington Harbour has contributed to WUC members’ interest in maritime archaeology.

This interest was boosted when WUC organised an AIMA (Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology) course in 2014 for its own members and those of some other dive clubs.  Also, WUC is a member of MAANZ (Maritime Archaeological Association of NZ), and some individual WUC members are very active with the Association.  

A number of Club dives focus on investigating underwater artefacts – combining this with underwater photography makes for a fascinating dive.  As well as links to other dive communities with a maritime archaeology bent, WUC now has software capable of converting videod underwater artefacts to 3D images.

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