Wellington Underwater Club is an active advocate for the marine environment. The Club is highly networked in the local marine conservation community and engages with other clubs and organisations in and beyond the Wellington region.

Wellington Underwater Club runs and participates regularly in Underwater Clean-Ups and Marine Ecosystem Monitoring. Some of the groups the club regularly collaborates with are Island Bay Marine Education Centre,  Friends of the Taputeranga Marine Reserve, and GoKMR, as well as other dive groups in the region.

Divers and non-divers can physically remove waste from the marine environment; however education and raising awareness is hugely important. The events are reminders that rubbish dropped on land and in cities will end up in the ocean. Additional information is provided on the impacts of rubbish on animal and human health.

What we've been up to...


Good outcome releasing fish and educating people about our marine reserve during our dive day at the 'Yung Pen'.

Wellington Underwater Club in collaboration with Reef Life Survey Australia (RLS) and with support from local marine groups and agencies is launching a marine monitoring pilot programme for recreational scuba divers.


Wellington Underwater Club and Ghostfishing NZ are running the annual ‘Wellington Harbour Spring Clean Up’ on Saturday 19 November.

Project Baseline Wellington is a citizen science initiative of the Wellington Underwater Club, documenting our local marine environment.

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