It was a beautiful day to dive the wreck of the 'Yung Pen' in Owhiro Bay at the western side of the Taputeranga Marine Reserve.

Nicole and I wanted to assess the wreck for a photogrammetry survey.

While we were cruising around the wreck we came across some other WUC divers & friends, James, Darren, Emma & Claudia.

On the way out we found a fishing net  attached to a long line. A couple of Spotties and and a large Banded Wrasse were caught in the net that we got out unharmed.

Pulling on the line, we eventually got to the end of it... but no fisherman attached. We saw some suspicious looking people on the rocks who wouldn't own up to the gear though.

We explained anyway that the area is inside the Taputeranga Marine Reseve and fishing is prohibited. Of course they understood and we disposed of the 'unattended' fishing gear later.

Great dive and a nice pie afterwards in Island Bay with everyone.

Article by Joerg Bungert, photos by Nicole Miller.

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