Wellington Underwater Club in collaboration with Reef Life Survey Australia (RLS) and with support from local marine groups and agencies is launching a marine monitoring pilot programme for recreational scuba divers.

Volunteer scuba divers collect marine observations and contribute data to document their local marine environment, record changes over time and provide information to inform marine management decisions. Wellington Underwater Club is now reaching out to recreational scuba divers with interest in marine ecosystems to join the monitoring team!

Over the next few months we will get a group of volunteer divers ready to collect data according to RLS methods. Data collection will be complemented by specific local methods. Volunteer divers will start off with different levels of dive and marine monitoring skills and by the end of the preparation phase will share a common basis of required skills.

Download the training file for Wellington's Common Fish & Invertebrates:

Watch some of the Club members practising monitoring transects in the Taputeranga Marine Reserve...

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